Russian Bookplates, Woodengravings


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Vojtech Cinybulk (1915 – 1994)

Czech Artists, Don Quijote Bookplates, Woodengravings

Slavomir Vencl, Vojtech Cinybulk, Prague, 1998

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Aki Miyajima

Japanese Artists


Miss Aki Miyajima is a young Japanese graphic artist who took engraving lessons from artist Kamachi Seiji, founder of Doumu Print Art Studio, of Tokyo.

Her bookplate creations started only in 2001and she uses C3 or C3/C5 engraving techniques in her works.

One of her main influences is artist Inoue Alphonse. She has accepted comissions of booklates for Japan as well as Europe.


She is a member of Doumu Print Art Studio and of the Nippon Exlibris Association.

Thanks are due to the Artist for her kind collaboration

Domu Print Art Studio (Japan)

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Alexander De Riquer (1856-1920)

Alexander de Riquer, Art Nouveau, Catalan artists

RiquerRetratJoventutAlexandre de Riquer i Ynglada VII Conde de Casa Dávalos (1856-1920) born in a Catalan aristocratic family was a complete Artist in the best Renaissance tradition, having dedicated his attention and skills to painting, engraving, drawing, and poetry, apart from artworks in wood and enamel.

His illustrations for books and posters became famous and are still sought by art lovers and collectors. A bibliophile himself led also to a keen interest in ex libris as an art form to express the ownership of a book.

The introduction of the modern ex libris in Spain and specially in Cataluña owes much to his efforts both as a bookplate artist (he made more than 100 ex libris), co-founder of the «Revista Ibérica de Ex-Libris» and author of numerous articles on bookplates published in graphic art magazines. With the support of a leading German collector he published in 1903 an artistically decorated and illustrated book on his bookplates – Alexandre de Riquer. Ex Libris, which was published in Barcelona and Leipzig and later on in London. 

Still highly considered by contemporary graphic art and ex libris lovers in Europe, specially in Spain and Portugal, his work has been thoroughly studied and scholarly researched byProf. Eliseu Trenc de Ballester and Prof. Joan-Lluís de Yebra.

See, an interesting article by Prof. Eliseu Trenc Ballester & Alan Yates on Alexandre de Riquer – The British Connection in Catalan Modernisme (.Pdf).

Also a short bibliography is offered below, mostly in Spanish or Catalan though.

Thanks are due to M. Xavier de Riquer for having kindly permitted the use of images of his grand-father portrait and bookplates


Alejandre de Riquer’s father – Don Martí de Riquer y de Comelles was the 6th marquis of Benavent and Alejandre de Riquer succeeded his father as 7th count of Casa de Dávalos.


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