Japanese Artists


kamachiKAMACHI SEIJI is an outstanding Japanese graphic artist who has engraved, since 1980, about 100 ex libris mostly using the etching technique.

His works were present at the Japanese Bookplate Exhibition that took place in Ortona (Italy) in 1999.

Kamachi Seiji has entered several international graphic arts or ex libris competitions and has been awarded several prizes recognizing his artistic merits and skills:

  • 4th International miniature prints Exhibition (Seoul, KOREA)
  • 1st International miniature print Biennal (NewYork, U.S.A)
  • 4th International prints Biennal (Lubin, POLSKA) / Medals Prize Special Prize
  • 1st International prints Biennal (Qingdao, CHINA) / Bronze Prize

Member of Japan Print Association he is also the superintendant of DOUMU PRINT ART STUDIO, in Tokyo

Thanks are due to the Artist for his collaboration

Seiji Kamachi. 21 Exlibris by Seiji Kamachi, Volume 1, Tokyo International Museum of Exlibris, 1990

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