Prof. Hasip Pektas (Turkey)

Turkish Artists
Two recent bookplates created by Prof. Hasip Pektas from Turkey.
He is a Professor at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, apart from being a graphic artist and has been responsible for the widespread of ex libris contemporary movement in Turkey.
With several articles and books published on ex libris both in Turkey and in specialised Journals of several Ex Libris Societies, his work has been shown in more than two dozen exhibitions.
He is also the President of the Ankara Ex-libris Society and Hacettepe Art Museum.

Both ex libris are in CGD and made in 2006.

CGD is a wonderful modern means for the creation and reproduction of bookplates avoiding the great expense involved in traditional engraving and printing methods.

Fig 1

For my books on the Ottoman History and Culture, the ex libris represents music and belly dancing and the monogram (Turga) of the Sultan.

Fig. 2

Represents Sahmaran «the Queen of Snakes» – a mythological legendary figure with human head and the body of a snake.

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